Post up your daily workout upon completion. -will be interesting to see what everyone is doing.

Monday 3-31


15 minutes, increasing weight with 60 seconds rest between sets:

3 Hang cleans + 1 push Jerk
65, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125 x2 sets

For time:
400 meter run
40 hand release push ups
30 single arm/ overhead Kettlebell Lunges (15 L, 15 R) 16/24 kg ( I did 16 kg)
20 Power Cleans 75/95 (I did 75 lbs)
30 Hand release push ups
20 single arm Kettlebell lunges (10 l, 10 r)
10 Power cleans
400 Meter run

I did it in 18:21. It was me and a room full of firefighters, most of them beat me and did heavier weights. The freakin' second set of pushups slowed me wayyyy down.


I did a short run. I had to make a deposit at the bank, so I just ran there and back. Legs were worked over from those lunges this morning.

2.14 miles/ 23.08 minutes
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