I cut and burned a couple of trees yesterday and planned to check my 200 yard poi in preparation for a trip to the river bottoms for some long range testing to order a custom dial. About the time (noon) that my burning permit ended, the winds picked up and I aborted the testing. I let my son and his friend take a shot at some water filled milk jugs in order to capture some bullets. I know that I am driving them well beyond their intended velocity. Barnes .451 250 TEZ, 2777 fps, 50 yards, penetrated 7 water filled milk jugs. The petals are missing, bringing their weight down to 190gr. BTW, I measured the bullet base and found that they obturated very little (.001 at most), if at all.
I can hardly wait till the season opens.

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She told me if I go hunting one more time she's gonna leave me......I'm gonna miss her...