1. disc ground late March

2. run scratcher do-all, while running the scratcher I will also be spraying 1.5 quarts per acre of "Treflan".

3. anytime around April 20th if soil temperature is 50 or higher at 8:00 am, I will be ready to plat.

4. Planting info: seed I am using is Syngenta 7111 HO/CL/DM, 61 day flowering, 89 days total to mature

seed spacing in theory is 1 seed every 5.5 inches on 38 inch rows
while planting I will be spraying out the back of the planter 4 ounces of Spartan, 1.5 quarts of Prowl and 2 ounces of insecticide per acre

5. once I have a stand of sunflower plants I will apply $50.00 of ammonia nitrate per acre, we never use fertilizer anymore

6. at the 6-8 leaf stage on sunflower plants I will apply 4 ounces of Beyond per acre.

7. sometime around 90 days from planting date I will spray all fields with Graxmone[42 ounces] and Direx[24 ounces] per acre.
this will kill anything in all fields that the other chemicals did not kill. this will also make the plants dry down faster

8. about 14 days before dove season opens I will bushog about 10% of every field, all that I mow is a strip around all fields and not over 2 strips through each field with a 10 foot wide bushog

8. starting September 1, hunt like "hello" every day
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