Alright, first gear weigh in for a 7-8 day, backpack style (no spike camp) CO Elk hunt. Actual gear came in at 44.23 (without bow), 48.63 with bow, but there are still have a couple of unknown variables.

*Food: I estimated 10 lbs for 7-8 days including coffee. That's a bit heavy, as 1 lbs per day is the usual goal, but I know I'll need it. I just don't perform well without sufficient calories.

Some of these things, I'm looking to cut corners. In others, I need to cut corners, but I can't afford the upgrade. For example, my sleeping bag comes in at 3.2 lbs. It was "Ultralight" by the standards of 1999, but the equivalent bags today are coming in at a little over a pound if you're willing to shell out $400+ (that' upgrade won't happen this year). Same thing on the down jacket, mine (that I also bought in 1999) came in at 20 oz. Newest models are running 9 oz. Those to upgrades alone would save me almost 3 pounds, but I can't afford it.

What can I trim and what looks heavy? Since we'll be hunting with full packs and covering extremely difficult terrain, I need to trim down to 40 lbs. I can probably compromise on a pound of food, possibly 1.5 lbs, but I know I am going to be more than 7 lbs. Expected Temp range is 30-80 degrees

Empty Pack: 126.4
Sleeping Bag: 51.2
Tarp Shelter: 11
Trekking Poles: 18.8
Water Filter: 12.5
XLite Sleeping Pad: 12.5
Soft shell Jacket 24
Down Jacket: 20.5
Food: 160oz
Firstaid kit: 10
Water: 35.2 (2 liters)
Bladder: 6 oz
Rain gear (top & bottom): 34.4
Merino Base layer pants: 9.1
Merino Base Layer shirt: 8
Outerwear Pants: 18.5
Gloves: 2.6
Merino Neck gaiter: .75
Merino hat: .75
Hat: .75
Optics + Harness: 35.2
GPS w batteries: 5.4
headlamp w/ batteries: 3.2
Spare batteries: 6
dry sacks: 3
Tent stakes: 2.1
Stove: 3
Pot/cup/spork: 12
Fuel: 8
*Kill Kit: 30 (game bags, knife, 550 cord)
socks 7
Boots: 30
707.75 oz/ 44.23 lbs

Bow: 68.8

Total: 776.55/ 48.53 lbs
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