I shot again today, with new loads for the 7/338, with my old load backed down.

I have been killin the brass to get the speed, although it shot fabulous there, I wanted to see if a tad slower would shoot as well.

I only had to go from a 3668/3700 fps average to a 3625 fps average to see no extrusion on the brass.

It may take a couple loadings to see how the primer pockets hold up.

My last shot cut both verticle and horizontal line at the 3" mark. DEAD NUTZ.....

The fun rifle today was shooting a new bullet in the 223, the 60 grain Hornady HP.

I used 25.5 grains of N135 and had 3 seating depths to try. The 3rd seemed to work little better than the others.

The 60`s will haul azz at 3351 fps average.
I had a strange thought come to mind while looking at the chronograph with the 60`s and ran a ballistics chart.

I am taking the 223 as my extra rifle on the hunt. I am in love with the little guy.

I could almost see the bullet hit paper, just enough recoil to keep me from it.

I`m 3.1" high at 100 this is about a 300 yd zero. I`m gonna take a look at the energy tables tonight.

All in all a great day to be there, saw some old very nice aquaintences, and was gone by 11:30 for an appointment with spoon. That boy made my day and then some.

OK, the ballistics chart says a 96 pound animal at 325. It says a 102 pound animal at 300. Thats a fir piece.

It is dead on right now at 315.

Might be an item to have in the truck opening day.

I jus happen to have 2 bi-pods. ;\)
You cannot argue with STUPID