I went over there today to pick up my "Project Rifle" after they damaged the stock and scope when I was supposed to get a simple trigger job. They repaired the stock and you cannot tell that the stock was damaged in any way. The scope was touched up with a black marker and I told them that it was unacceptable. I wanted a brand new scope, since the scope that was on there was a brand new scope that has never felt any recoil. They accepted my terms and made things right for me. They ordered me a new Zeiss Conquest 3-9x40 and when it comes in I will trade my scope for the new one. With service like that they will keep my business. I just wish my rifle wasn't damaged in the first place. I just wanted to tell you guys about how well they treated me over there and how they made things right for me. They also comp'd the trigger job.
Winchester Model 70 Stainless Left Hand .270 Win.
McMillan Edge
Talley Lightweights
Zeiss Victory Varipoint #60 Illuminated