The only coyotes I've killed have been during turkey or deer season. This year I decided to go after them, instead of just happening upon one. I keep a mouth call tied to my stand and have turned them to me after seeing them.
I bought a FoxPro Wildfire and went to my neighbors 30 acres where I have seen them in the mornings. The area is so thick, that a tree stand is best for visibility. I always hear them before seeing them.
I was attaching the stand before dawn and clinked some metal and about 50yds away a pack of coyotes starting yipping and howling!
I went ahead and finished setting up and waited about an hour and then triggered a jackrabbit distress. Nothing, except for every crow in the county seemed to descend on me. Between them and the call, I couldn't have heard an elephant walking through the woods.
About 15 minutes later I heard yipping a long, long way away, but they never responded.

Was I wrong in continuing to set up in this spot, or should I have bagged it for the day?
How long should I activate the call and then wait?
To a deer, every human is a stump.
To a turkey, every stump is a human.