204 Ruger Hand load. 100yds, wind blowing 5-15 mph gust for all groups. New MGM Barrels Cleaned between Groups I have not done the Trigger job on the Encore 204 like I have done with the others. I have lots of improvements to do to get the tighter groups that I want.

Group 1:Bullet 32.0 gr Hornady, H4895 @ 26.5 gr, 2.26 O.A.L, Group 0.728"
Group 2:Bullet 32.0 gr Hornady, H4895 @ 27.2 gr, 2.26 O.A.L, Group 1.257 On this group the target stand blew down twice.

270 group is factory load. Once I got on paper I cleaned barrel and let cool. Winchester Supreme 140 gr AccuBond. With my new MGM barrel. If it is that good I may never reload any, just kidding. Group size 1.008 if you take out flier.

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