Some of you may remember I lost my sister back in Oct she was 38 and left behind 4 girls and a husband. Here it is almost 3 months later and she still crosses my mind atleast once every few hours. It hasnt gotten any easier. But what hurts me more I think is watching my brother in law grieve. He's in bad health any way and is in the hospital now. With my sister gone nobody is able to stay at the hospital with him. I know he feels lost and very much alone. I worry about him alot. It just seems so weird seeing him and not seeing my sister with him. My nieces my sisters girls are very strong, i dont worry about them too much but every now and then like tonight I do have concern for them. It seems after their mothers passing they are growing apart and fighting more.Its just a very tragic situation.This whole post might just seem like a long ramble and not
make much sense but I just wanted to get some of my thoughts out. One day I look foward to seeing my sister again. If you guys dont mind I/we sure would appreciate a prayer.

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