Since it was warm today I went to the shop to turn some things. I always open the roll up door when I can and did to let the light in. As I was working I heard a pistol shot from next door and didn't think much about it.

Couple of minutes later I looked up to see the 2 dogs from across the street standing in the door. One is friendly the other the pit comes after me. I have enough training to never let it get behind me but I couldn't reach anything to beat it to death with. It grabbed me three times after circling me repeatedly then backed off. A couple of minutes later I see it back but it went around the far end of the house. Right after that I hear 2 shots from up the street and the dog screaming. It had gone after another neighbor that was carrying at the time since he had just gotten out of his truck.

Now the cops and animal control are there for the dog which looks like it will live and say no charges will be filed against the owner.
"You can't kill 'em on the couch."