Anyone have some tried-and-true tips for managing a slowly expanding sinkhole?

I've been occasionally putting soil in it when it was considerably smaller, which generally prevented me from accidentally stepping in it, but a big rain event early in the month has caused it to widen considerably.

I would guess it's a foot deep, and about 14" across. It's in between my house and my neighbor's house, not in a location I would suspect houses any water/sewer lines (but I might be wrong!). Rain runoff runs diagonally across my front yard, and a lot of it seems to point in the direction of the hole, so I believe that is the culprit.

I've read advice about using concrete, and others that say not to. Any advice?

FYI, it's about 8 feet from the side of my house, so I don't believe my foundation is in any danger.
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