I was just watching an ad for simm's recoil pads. They claim it reduces felt recoil by 50%. I believe it I put one on my NEF45/70 and the recoil is very manageable.

Well now they have the Simms recoil reducing vest/jacket. It has a pad in the shoulder and claims to reduce the recoil by 50%.

Put the two together and you get a 100% felt recoil reduction. RIGHT!?

Now if we add a recoil suppressor to the rifle to reduce recoil even further . most claim around 50% reduction

Remington claims 50% reduced recoil with their recoil reducing ammo.

Why you would never even know the gun fired if you were wearing ear plugs. lol

I mean if you figure correctly that's around 200% reduced felt recoil... AMAZING .... The rifle is liable to kick in reverse. lol.