I have one food plot established that we plant every year...Its in the bottom of our holler...Comes up great...We had a section of the property logged this year and opened up the back of our property with new logging roads...I do not want to do too much in this area because they clear cut it and it will be great for bedding areas next year...I do however want to plant the roads...I haven't decided yet what to put on them...I have 150 lbs of wheat and will probably buy some clover...I have tons of turkey in the area and several resident deer that hang out...We have never hunted this property hard but its time we start...Its roughly 100 acres surrounded by 300+ acres with little to no hunting...I see deer all the time but have too many places to hunt...Its time to pump this place up and make this a deer heaven...

Here is the question...I know you can frost seed plots...My plan as of now is to disc the roads in Feb. and then seed...What is your thoughts?

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