As in the title: Simply put - Sick of the Gym!! Tried T25 anyone???

I'm spending TOO much time yakin in the gym vs keeping a hight heart rate. At 51 and in decent enough shape to start most any workout program - and in need of dumping 30lbs to be really fit - in need of lowering BP to the perfect number again, blah blah blah, I need a focused program. In my best condition - few years ago, I was doing P90X and about 3 2@day workouts each week. Best I've felt since I was 18 playing high school basketball at 49 yrs old! Now, my time is more limited and listening to Tony on P90x makes me want to lessen his teeth ... lol

Anybody else doing all their exercise at home - long term - with satisfactory results and even more, anyone tried T25 - 25 minute nonstop intense FB workout? I'm REAL close to ordering it today.. Having a high heart rate intense 25 minute workout plan with some motivational guidance would allow me (I think) to go back to 2@day workouts - T25 in the evenings - single body part at lunch or at 430 am. I have plenty of gym equipment and getting only 1 body part I could be in/out in 20 minutes resting between rep sets pretty easy.

Anybody doing anything similar?
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