This buck limit forum got me thinking. Just because you have a three buck limit doesnt meant you have to kill three! For at least ten years, several neighbors in my area have been trying not to kill anything under 130" and/or 4.5. Several deer over 150" and many many between 130-150" have been taken in this area. This group also tries to take deer that are 4.5 or older with inferior racks (eg. short tine 8's, big 6's, etc...) while letting a larger antlered 3.5 go. The average hunter in that area will kill 3 bucks every two years I'd say. Over those years great success has been achieved using this method. You hear it all from other locals from "ya'll have better genetics over there" to "our deer don't get that big" Bla bla bla..... In the past few years others have started letting young 2.5 year olds walk and trying to kill a 3.5 or older deer with a little success. Each year it has been getting better. More people in the area are killing deer over 125" consistently. It seems that alot of people are getting the idea of "that if I don't kill it someone else will" out of their head. The main thing to learn there is that if "you kill the deer, there is 0% chance you will see what he is next year". If you let him go, at least he has a chance. Sure, others will kill deer you let "walk" but thats part of hunting and QDM in the free range world. I've had the people that shoot three 2.5's beside me every year. I know it's not fun seeing "Jack" kill all the deer you're letting go. They too will eventually mess up and kill a big one and see the light. At least that has happened in most cases I have witnessed. I see people on here complaining saying deer in TN can't have big bodies or antlers because we do not have the "genetics". Genetics definately help the antler and body size, but without age and good food sources, genetics are nothing. I would say the average buck killed in a 6 or 7 mile radius of where I hunt has went up 10" in the last 5 years because of QDM. People see others killing big deer around them and want to do the same. Within that 6 0r 7 mile radius, there have been 5 deer 150-165" and 12 between 130-149" already this year. The largest field dressed body weight being #208 and #205. Pretty cool to see what letting deer get age on them will do. I enjoy seeing people truly excited about killing a deer instead of shooting the same 2.5 year old eight point ever year, cutting the rack off, and throwing antlers in a box in the barn because "deer don't get big in TN". Shoot a doe if you want meat and let the young bucks grow another year if you dont like TN deer size. Just my thoughts. Happy Hunting everyone!