GreetsFrom CO
I finally got around to shooting my Knight Revolution after getting it back fm the factory for warranty repairs. After firing and only after firing when I tried to open the action to remove and reinstall primer, it would lock up after a half inch
and not open. It is much bettter now altho it is still awfully stiff and I shot it over 20 times. I would like to ask the following:

1. How is the terminal performance using the 250 SST and/or the T/C Maxi-Hunter or any other bullet? I can't shoot the SSTs in CO as sabots are not legal.

2. When you insert the primed red plastic disc and close the action, does the jacket always "seat"/"fit"
over/onto the breech plug?

3. What do you do for cleaning? Do you completely disassemble the gun for cleaning?

4. I'm in the process of trying 5 diff bullets with 777 powder, 350g T/C Maxi Hunter, 250 and 300g Harvester Sabertooths, T/C 300g Shockwaves. and "MAYBE" the 338g Platinum Powerbelt (some say the Powerbelts don't "seat well" but the back of the Platinum package says it is made for oversized bores???)
The T/C Maxi-Hunters shoot about a 2 in gp at 100 yds.
I haven't had a chance to shoot the rest of the bullets yet.

5. Have you ever tried a Powerbelt in your Knight?

Sorry to bother so much, Thanks Ray