Well, after finally having some time, to take my time, this afternoon, I got to methodically shoot my Muzzleloader. Using BH209, I've found that I get a nice 1.5" grouping ar 100 yds with 57.5 grains....and, by swabbing between shots. Just a spit patch, but nonetheless swabbing the barrel. It may not be necessary to swab between shots with the BH powder, but I apparently get better accuracy when I do. I started with a dry clean barrel, solvent cleaned and dry patched, and loaded my first load. It shot an inch high and an inch to the right @ 100 yds. Next shot, WO swabbing, was 2-1/2" high and an inch to the right, then, I decided i would swab the barrel, mostly bc of what I cleaned out of it from the last session, and the third shot was good ltr, and 1 inch high, right beside the first shot. About a 1-1/2" 3 shot group, that I think might have been a tad closer, had i swabbed the barrel after the first shot. Anyway, just thought I'd report on my new findings as I learn how my ML shoots with the bh powder.

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