-Take some cutlets off a venison leg. (Bonus points if it was killed that day.)
-Brown them in a source of fat (we used duck fat, but butter, lard, bacon drippings, coconut oil are all fine)

-After browning, set aside.

-Add some more fat (or render a couple of pieces of bacon) and then root vegetables of your choosing (Onions, Sweet Potatoes, Garlic, Carrots, Celery etc) and let them brown for a few minutes, stirring regularly. I like to put the onions in first and get them a head start on breaking down.

-add salt, pepper and whatever herbs you like. (we used Rosemary, Thyme and Juniper). No need to measure, just throw some of each in there.

-Add Red Wine, Beer of your choice or brandy. (we used a can of Guinness) and stock: beef or venison (bonus points for venison stock)

-add the meat back to the pot, put the lid on it and let it cook for at least 2 hours, possibly longer, until the meat is tender. So long as you keep liquid in the pot, and you don't have crazy high heat, it should not burn.

It doesn't have to be fun to be fun.

Wild & crazy, can't be stopped. Only the strong will survive.

Keep your knife sharp and your skillet greasy.