I just wanted to share some advice with everyone trying to eat healthier. I discovered Weston A Price foundation and subsequently bought Sally Fallon's cookbook Nurturing Traditions last year after reading a ton about it on the web. I am not a representative and have to relation to these people, just trying to spread the knowledge that has helped me be healthier over the past year or so.
I found out that I have a wheat(gluten) sensitivity last year(turns out it's becoming much more common with the incredible amount of gluten in MODERN GMO wheat products, that's a whole nother topic!) Anyhow, I used to have terrible stomach problems (which I won't go into) and found out it was from wheat! (bread, pasta, BEER!) that last one has been the hardest for me \:\( . After changing my diet to one recommended in the cookbook I have LOST about 50 POUNDS. The kicker is that I wasn't actually trying to lose weight, just eat healthier to feel better.
I feel like i'm trying to advertise something here, but I feel bad for regular folks who eat all the garbage in the grocery store and then try to exercise it away without success. I can tell you from experience it's all about the food. An active lifestyle is a big part of being healthy though!
If anyone has any questions for me, i'm by no means an expert on the subject but you can ask away or google it for yourself. Good luck to everyone trying to be healthier!

Just so yall know, subway isn't exactly healthy, neither are salads or weight loss pills or lowfat anything. I'm talking about eating lots of pasture raised animals or deer, eggs, raw and unprocessed everything else, and lacto fermented vegetables.