photos to follow soon.left on the 12th get to the air port and find out that air Canada will not allow a bag on the plane to be over 70lbs,so had to buy an additional bag at airport to get weight it started with a hassel.finaly get into gander newfoundland late sat morning found out my buddy and I are going to be hunting in the spike camp(wich 2yrs ago when my buddy was there it was just tents)but now has a cabin that looks like a doublewide.45min boat ride to get to camp,which is right on the lake.
it was tuff hunting the rut was pretty much over temps were high and the moon was full,oh and the goto cover-up scent is cigarette smoke.on wed I figured I was going home without even seeing a moose.but my buddy had a caribou tag so he switched to the main lodge and the guide he had went to me since he was in chare of the spike camp.
they had found a secluded spot the day prior with a lot of fresh sign and had never been hunted.thur morning we went in and had a cow calling about 100yrds from us,then the guide said you hear that(which I couldn't being I am def in my left ear)he said I can hear horns hitting brush when the bull turns his head.he went to calling and the bull started calling right back at him after about 5min everything was quite he said we got to go after them so we go into juniper thicket he is calling while were walking,and you can hear them walking all around us then there he was.shot him at about 75yrds.he took a 225gr out of a 340wby to the chest and just flinched and turnd and ran,but he only went about 50yrds.
my guide went nuts turns out it is the second largest moose they have ever killed at that outfitter,is probably going to make boone and crocket
my buddy wound up killing the only caribou seent hat week in the last hour of the hunt.
the food was great and the guides worked hard.just so you know if you ever go to Canada everything up there is crazy high