After remounting my scope. And with a hand full of different components. I took off to the range this morning. Here is where I stand
Barnes 250gr expander red crushed rib 42gr n110 and fed 209 primer. This load was off the chart bad. After 1 shot it was very very hard to load. Next was the same load as the first only with a Barnes 250gr TEZ bullet this load shot equally as bad as the first.
Next 2 loads were the same as the first two only used MMP black sabot. These were probably 6 inch groups. Guess my gun just does not like Barnes bullets. BUMMER.
Last load was the 250gr xtp black mmp and 42gr n110 with the federal primer. Probably shot 1 1/2 in group at 80 yards. I have shot this load last week and it shot ok. Only difference is the federal primer which seemed to improve it quite a bit. So I guess that will be my load to hunt with. I really wanted to hunt with a Barnes bullet but of well.
William G Kollock