I have not used a chronograph since about 2002 when I was shooting a bunch of tournaments. Back then the speed limit was 280fps and that was my focus. I have always had hunting weight arrows and target weight arrows. Well after chronographing my Ultratec and my two hunting arrow setups it shot a blistering 235 with one and 238 with the other. (75/95gt's and 2413's respectively) My old Provantage Tracer is shooting a whopping 188fps with 2216's and Thunderheads. I'm not worried at all and it does not bother me in the slightest, the ultratec setup has shot through every deer and buried in the ground on the other side. I once on accident shot completely through 2 does at the same time with the 2413 setup and 100gr thunderheads. My buddy came over and brought his Excalibur phoenix that was supposed to shoot 315fps it shot 262fps on average it shoots through every deer he pulls the trigger on. I would have added about 20fps to every speed we measured if I had been asked. It shows me two things, it doesn't take very much to shoot through a deer and those 300+fps bows are truly smokin!!!!