Got in the bottom right at day break, saw a good size deer run across the field road heading the an area were I was thinking about hunting.I eased around to that area and started my way walking to set up for the morning hunt.Ran deer out of my area were I was going to set up,climbed up and was ready to see what old mother nature had for me this morning.

As I was listening to the woods awakening this morning, I could hear alot of running around there in the oak flat were I was hunting, then there was limbs breaking and I thought heck its too early for them to be chasing does.30 minutes passed and then I heard a snort and limbs poping and running again, doe runs right under me and another one following her.I look up and this fella was right on their rear.He stops then starts to walk away I finally stopped him at 35 yards,he is quartering away from me, and he takes another 2 steps in a small opening for me to get a shot.I'm guessing 2nd pin or 3rd, I make a quick decision on the 3rd pin,let it go he drops down (thuuu----wack) he drops in his tracks, I'm thinking spine shot, thats what happened, I put it on him right behind that shoulder and I shot alittle high,thats my thoughts while in the stand.

I give him time to exspire so I get down to see where this well placed shot had hit!To my surprise, I could see very easily why he dropped like he did, he had an arrow sticking out of the back of his head!! \:o

One thing about folks that I have found out over the years, a well placed shot for a kill or a lucky shot for a kill, the meat tastes the same!! ;\)

16" spread, 142 lbs field dressed 7 pter.

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