Just over a week ago I put up a brand new Covert Black 60. I used a python lock but not a protective metal case. I notice the camera case itself seemed pretty flimsy. The cable goes through the back of the platic case, so you basically have to break apart the plastic to get it off.

I have got pics with a different camera of both a trespasser and a bear in that area. I have a treestand, big ladder stand, near the camera that wasn't touched.

When I put the camera up, I noticed an active yellow jackets nest right there. I went back at night and sprayed the nest killing it off. That's about 10 feet from where the camera was.

I went to check tonight and the camera is gone. The cable was still tight around the tree in the same place. There was one abrasion on the cable, where the rubber was scraped off and the cable exposed. Other than that it was fine. I instantly thought theft.

I then saw where the yellow jackets nest had been. The ground was dug out and it was empty except for dead yellow jackets at the bottom. The only think I can think of that would do that is a bear. The bear do seem to be attracted to the cameras.

So what was it.....a person or a bear?

trespasser in that spot