Gone. Thanks for passing them on Gravey.


I'm just cleaning out the closet a little and have a few things hat I simply don't wear anymore. Thought I would offer them here before I take them elsewhere.

Free to anyone who wants to pick them up at my house. Only one caveat: you must take all of it. No picking through the stuff. I will separate out the coats if anyone wants just those.

You must pick up from my house in Lebanon - no shipping. PM me for phone number & address. If anyone has a church or anything that would want these, I'll drop them off if it's around Lebanon.

All are size M, L, or XL - they all fit someone about 5'10-5'11 160-180lbs. I would say if you normally wear a Large, these will fit. Shirts are all in decent condition. No stains, tears, holes, etc. They are all at least 2 years and and the color may be faded slightly on some of them. Polos are all JCrew, Brooks Brothers, Polo, and Lacoste. A couple of random t-shirts.

Sizes 33 & 34. A couple of older cargo shorts. A pair of nicer black Nike dri-fit golf shorts.

One pair of black slacks. Banana Republic.

One pair of Levis (36/32) and one pair of Banana Republic (35/32).

Older Nike windbreaker. No insulation.

American Eagle jacket. Maybe one small spot on the front about the size of a dime.

Chaps winter coat. Very good condition. Only worn a handful of times.