Got a big problem, and have lost some expensive arrows because of it. I think it is release.

Twice in the past week, I have lost two arrows because of my bow shooting when I get to about half draw. The loop that goes around the knock, don't know the proper name, is two weeks old and is in good shape.

My release on the other hand, is about 10 years old, and I can remember getting it but don't even know the brand name. It is caliper release.

The first time it happened I thought I may could have accidently had my finger in front of the trigger and accidently shot it. But after a second time, and as long as I have shot a bow and know to keep my finger behind trigger, I believe that the release could be malfunctioning.

The reason why I have a question is because It happens so fast I can't really tell what is happening. I haven't shot my bow again since the second time it happened, on Tuesday, because its dangerous and I don't want to lose another arrow. There isn't a real bow shop in my area to let a guy take a look at. I went and had it "fake" tuned by a local bow guy, so I no longer trust anyone.

Any suggestions? I guess buy another release even though the good ones cost $50.