Alright guys need opinions and help.

Have a coworker that has a Kubota L3600 - 1999 model 4WD that he is wanting to sell. Says it's in good shape but used with approx 800 hours. Comes with auger, finish mower and box blade and heavy duty dual wheel trailer to Cary behind my truck. He also just changed out all hydro lines and belts.

I'm completely uninformed when it comes to tractors and don't know what I don't know. I have 56 acres with approx 10 acres that need mowing or are/will be food plots with some good hills.

So based on my research he is way undercharging for the setup but he is happy with the deal as he is still making some coin.

Anything I should know about Kubotas, this model, anything in particular that makes this sound like a not good option for my needs?

I'm thinking with what I'm saving I will add a front end loader and some other implements. (It's that good of a deal)

Fire away....thanks!!