The 2014 Rendezvous (the vous) will be held at Montogmery Bell State Park on March 15.

If you have never been to one the best way I can explain it is it is a gathering of friends and all about some deer.

The Friday night before the vous, affectionally refered to as the "prevous" March 14th, is a more "adult oriented" type of environment with no set schedule.
People just show up, some cook, some indulge in adult beverages and everyone eats.
Some of the best food you will ever eat in your life too.
It is a great time to catch up with old friends and meet new ones.

Saturday will have a schedule of events, door prizes, is a 100% alcohol free, family setting event.
Vendors will be there with special deals, we will have some guest speakers and lots of fun to be had by everyone.

We will be making a post and updating it as we secure vendors and speakers.

I had planned to do this a LONG time ago but due to alot of things dealing with the actual ownership of that were beyond anyone's control I put making plans off.

We have ALL of the villas blocked off as well as several rooms in the inn.
We will have a villa for everyone to meet, greet and eat on Friday night.

When you call to make your reservations specify you are in Group # 7213 or you will be told there are no villas or rooms available.

I really hope if you are on the fence about attending you will come. I made the mistake my first year on tndeer and didn't go. I regretted it for years as I never missed one until my Mother passed away after that first one.

When time gets a little closer we will have an official sign up thread and a "pre vous" list of who is coming and what, if anything, they are bringing to eat.
Youth is wasted on the young.