Well I got my second doe of the season down tonight. I changed up tactics tonight and stayed on the ground so I could get closer to the field. I had a ditch line 50 yards in front of me. Which also happened to be my max range. I rarely sit on the ground so I don't have a ground blind. I just threw some sticks in front of me and waited. At about 715 I watched 3 does come into the field about 200 yards away. As they came my way, I had to draw when they got to 80 yards. They were feeding so the next 30 yards took forever. When they got in range they were right on the ditch line. I placed my pin on the largest of the three and let her fly. I heard the greatest sound in the world and struggled to sit still. I watched her feed for about 50 more yards and that's where she went down. What I thought was the best part of the whole interaction was I had a pass thru at 50 yards. Then the arrow buried itself in a tree. I didn't think my old outback was that fast. But here's what y'all wanna see:

It's kind of ironic how a few weeks ago I posted about never seeing deer in the evening. Well this season I've only seen deer in the evening. And after this weekend I was starting to get discouraged. I missed a buck on Friday night and a turkey on Saturday. Tonight's kill helped reestablish some confidence in myself.