Ok, I have a question about black powder. How much is not enough?
I was setting up my son's new Knight yesterday. I forgot my measure at home so I needed to find something that I could measure the load with. I was thinking on what I could get. I said “4, 10 shells”. They are about the same size as a measure. So I go inside my Dad’s house and find a used shell. I found one made sure it was clean. Now I have been shooting muzzle loaders for years and I know about what a full load looks like. However, I was making sure I did not over load it. So I felled it to what I was thinking was 100 gains. And we started shooting, moving the sites. I get him shooting the same hole at 25 yards. So we go back home and I get my measure out to see how much I was shooting. I feel the 4 10 shell to the mark and pure it into the measure and find out I was only shooting about 60 grains and he was doing a wonderful job at it too.

So my question is will 60 grains get the job done. I sure hope so because there is no kick to the gun at this load. He loves the way it shoots with only 60 in it.

I will need to try it at 100 yards and see how it does.
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