I posted to my FaceBook page on Saturday that I was getting ready to cook some squirrels and got this response from my mother-in-law:

When eating wild squirrel meat, you should be aware that there are some dangers. squirrels can ingest the tapeworm eggs that are present in dog feces. These eggs can hatch inside the animal and the larvae can migrate to all parts of the animal's body, within the tissues. If eaten in this state the infection can be passed onto a human. The tissue of the animal should be inspected thoroughly before consumption, and the signs to look out for include a bad smell, discoloration and the appearance of abscesses. Squirrels carry prions, which are infectious particles in their bones and their brain. The brain of a squirrel should never be eaten as cooking will not entirely destroy the prions. Prions are similar to the infection that causes mad cow disease. The rest of the squirrel can be eaten but should be cooked thoroughly prior to consumption.
So, I hope Melissa and the girls did not eat squirrel!!!!!


I'm not going to respond, but I will discuss with her in person if she brings it up. I have my own thoughts, but I would like to hear yours.
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