Well, I had theis deer at 55 yds last year and chose to not take the shot(see first photo). We have nicknamed the deer "Traveler" because we get pictures of him 3 miles apart on two separate pieces of ground that we hunt. I had another encounter with him later that same week as I watched him breed a doe in a beanfield at about 70 yards.

My buddy and I both agreed that we would practice at 50 yards all Summer long and should he give us the opportunity from that distance, we would try it.

Last week, my buddy climbed a tree over the same bean field where I had both encounters last year. The deer that we call "Traveler" comes strolling out. He made a turn that would put him at his closest point of approach to my buddy in his stand.

He decided that 50 yds was as close as he was coming and opted to give it a whirl. He put one in the boiler room and the buck took off. They left him overnight just to be safe but the old monarch probably died shortly after the shot. This buck was 6 1/2 and we have all pf his sheds since he was 1 1/2. He has always been an 8 pointer and he had an enormous body as he weighed 245 lbs dressed. Kinda sad to know that he is dead but hopefully a new heavyweight moves in as the rut approaches.

Last year's sheds are not included in this pic but here are his first years of antlers

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