I just decided to take my first stab at a small food plot to bowhunt over this fall. Bow season starts on Sept 29th for us, so I would like to get seed on the ground around Sept 15th. I have not done a soil test as of yet. I mowed the area close a week ago and will look to hit it with Roundup sometime by this weekend. I am not going to work the soil other than to rake or drag the dead vegation away. I will be able to keep this plot watered as we have a new well with good capacity about 200' from the plot area.

A few questions:
(1)Is is too late for lime additions?
(2)Can lime be watered in or must it be tilled in?
(3) Anyone have experience with any type of battery powered faucet water timer. It will still be plenty hot here in mid sept. and I would like to be able to hit the plot with water everyday or so if needed.

I appreciate the info.

It ain't much of a story without pics!