I had a great Saturday. It got off to a very foggy start but it burned off quickly.

John Owens, his brother TJ and cousin Chuck drove down from the Cincinnati area to fish with me. They wanted some fish to keep so we started off after eaters on light tackle. First drift below the Chickamauga dam turbines and they tripled within about 2 mins... then TVA cranked the generators full blast and blew us out of that drift. We moved downstream sticking with the light tackle for eaters. We put a bunch in the box but also broke off three big fish when they tried to horse them a little too hard with the light tackle. Oops!

Only about and hour has passed and they have a cooler full of eaters, so figured we might as size-up and go for the big boys. We went to catch bluegill for bait and the little scutters were on fire! They put three dozen good bait-sized bluegill in the livewell in three dozen casts.

The Big Cat Chase wasn't fast and furious but we toughed it out for nearly nine more hours. We caught about 15 fish... most in the 10 to 20 lb. range, biggest 40 pounds. We broke off another one that I'm certain was bigger than the 40 (aren't they always). We managed two good flatheads. Those are always fun because they fight like demons. Catch a 15 lb. flathead and you'd swear you've got a 30 or 40 lb. blue on the line.

Here's a pretty COOL VIDEO of one catch and several more pictures.

John, TJ and Chuck were great fun to fish with and I appreciated them coming so far to fish with me. That's my last guide trip for a while. It's hunting season.

Scenic City will be glad to book a few winter trips. In fact we're offering a Winter Special Trip ... combo big cats and smallmouth. Plus I've already booked a bunch of trips for late Winter, early Spring 2014. Since I'm a weekend warrior, folks know my dates are limited and are getting their names in the hat earlier and earlier. That means life is good and gettin' better every day!

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