Well, it seems like either this afternoon or Monday afternoon will be the first day I go bow hunting. If it rains today, I may wait until Monday.

The temps and wind direction are much better now than earlier in the season, so instead of taking a chance of busting deer, I just waited.

I may be listening to farming equipment though.. The deer don't seem to mind but it sure makes it difficult to hear a deer coming...lol.

The reason for the late start is simple....I keep records. Even though I do, my ability to wait is never as strong as it needs to be, but this season it does. These records tell me that I see far less deer the first 2-3 weeks of bow season than I do anytime of the season, except very late in the gun season. Normally it seems to be because of the temperatures and wind directions. Most every time I get a north wind during bow season, THAT starts things to moving. The wind is supposed to shift out of the north late today and into tomorrow.

I may go this afternoon, but if not I'll surely go tomorrow afternoon. Even with a north wind, I like to give deer awhile before hunting in the mornings. Most of my stands are much better in the afternoon until the pre-rut starts...THEN, it's all day , most every day until they lock down. All of my access points are across crop fields. Need to stay out of them until they get the crop out. However, my new stand set up is accessible on foot, walking in between a cotton field and a bean field..I CAN walk in through the woods, but I'd rather stay out of the woods as much as possible...

I know BSK and a few others wait on better conditions before going . Anyone else?

good luck.
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