Southernhunter's post about friends who always see monster bucks, but never end up killing them, reminds me of how often I hear reports from hunters of seeing a 120-class buck, yet once they identify the buck they saw on a trail-camera picture, the buck turns out to be 100-class or less. I think it's just Human Nature to over-estimate the size of bucks we see in the woods, especially when just glimpses of the buck are gained, or the buck is seen walking straight away from the hunter, which tends to make their antlers look larger. But I also think few hunters have had enough opportunities to see bucks of known antler size to compare against.

So just for fun, here are a couple of near 100-class bucks to review (all bucks were killed by hunters and officially measured--all scored between 95 and 100 gross):

Gross score: 97 6/8

Gross score: 96 7/8

Gross score: 97 7/8

Gross score: 95 0/8

Now this is a tricky one. From the side, this buck looks impressive:

But from a slightly different angle, narrow spread and no browtines. Gross score: 97 7/8

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