this time it was a good thing
years ago i rented rooms out in my house and today the daughter of one of my former roommates stopped by to see me.
she told me her dad had died and before he died he asked her to come see me and give me a message. tim, her dad was bi-polar when he moved in with me he had just gotten divorced and was at a low point in his life. well one morning, before daylight i was awakened by a loud crash so i get upand go running outside and tim had backed out in front of another truck and it flipped the other guy over and he slid down the street on his cab.
tim takes off to him and kicks out the rest of his windshield and drags the guy out and away from the truck
the guy was okay and after everything was said and done tim went on to work
when he got home that day i could tell he was really down about it -he was talking about how stupid and how could he have done such a thing
now i am real bad about saying what i'm thinking without thinking about what i saying
so i up and said that i was really proud of him
that he was more concerned with the other guys welfare than his own safety
well anyway his daughter told me that he said those few words probably saved his life
he said that he was at his lowest point that night and i turned it around for him
i was bawling when she left
but i felt really good too
i had no idea that i had done anything but appartently i said just the right thing without knowing it