I log anywhere from 22-30 miles a week and have been running like this for about 2 years now.I've lost 80 lbs but my upper body has really taken a hit.My arms are real slim,hardly no muscle tone to them and so is my chest.I almost look like one of those kenyan runners. \:D What i'm wanting to do is build a little muscle on my chest and my arms.I'm not talking going all out to be a muscle builder I would just like a little definition in my arms and my chest and not look anorexic.I've got some free space in my building and was thinking of getting a weight bench and putting out there.

What would be a good way to start out or what kind of routine should I do? I've never lifted any weights in my life and am totally lost.Do you lift every day? 2 times a day? Every other day? I have no idea,i'm sure someone here knows a little about it.and i'm going to continue to run at my current pace,no plans to slack up or stop running.Lord willing,I hope to be running when im 60 or 70 years old.
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