Posting a late report because I wanted to get the video uploaded. Great battle as my fishing partner Sam Simons catches a BIGGUN!

Last Saturday I had the fine honor of escorting Steve Garrison, and his Little Brother, Michael (as in Big Brothers Program). We had an active morning... the eater cats, blues and channels are out in force for the Fall bite.

In time however, Steve and Michael decided they wanted to go for a big bite. Sadly the big boys didn't want to play (although that depends on your definition of big). That doesn't mean we didn't keep catching fish however. It was a beautiful Fall day. This is Steve and Michael with one of several doubles they had before they headed home to watch football.

I don't care much about football so I stayed on the water until dark-thirty to do some scouting. I fished some new places, one of which paid off very well with a 30-pounder, plus a nice flathead... but as Sam says, "I suck at solo pics."

Sunday afternoon me and Sam headed back out to find out if the hotspot I found was a fluke. It was NOT! Five minutes into our very first drift and Sam is hooked up to a beast. That was cool. As noted, I shot video of that battle.

We were fishing "big" so we didn't catch numbers... but Sam took me to school putting six fish in the boat to my one. I hate it when the student becomes the teacher.

BTW, Saturday I had a bug in my Humminbird 898 (not displaying depth correctedly). I met up with Jeff Reed before hitting the water Sunday and he re-installed updated software. It worked like a charm. Jeff is "Mr. Humminbird" around Chattanooga. He is my "go to" guy when it comes to electronics. Lakemaster maps are definitely helping me catch more fish. The new G3 with updated electronics networked with the Minn Kota i-Pilot has definitely upped my game. Just ask Sam... I think he's an i-Pilot convert after Sunday's outing.

It was an awesome weekend on the water (although I felt a little guilty I wasn't deer hunting). There's just too many things to do this time of year, and that means life is good and gettin' better every day!
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