Alot of you have been seeing my recommendation for the crimson,arrowleaf,DER, Wheat or oats mix for september planting and hear me talk about how much success i had with it for fall and spring. Here are the fall pics in october...

here are the spring pics

NOW,.. normally what would be done is go in in july(after the arrowleaf is dead) and bush hog the plot down and just simply overseed in buckwheat. Then, in september, mow that down and replant and reseed. WELL,... i went in in june and had to apply lime and fertilizer. The oats and crimson had allready died out,.. and i figured i would give up a month of the arrowleaf for a jumpstart on the lime and fertilizer for september. So i broke ground to get the lime in real good and sowed in 50 lbs of buckwheat. What happened is a successful plot even in a hot, drought summer. AND,.. i'm in cannon county that is 15 to 17 inches behind on rainfall.
Heres a pic of the overall plot today...

Here is a close up. Notice,.. when i broke the ground i successfully reseeded the clovers for a summer crop. I never expected this,.. especially not the kind of results i received such as this in a severe drought year on a ridgetop plot. I can tell a huge difference this weekend compared to last weekend though. This weeks heat is really taking a toll on. BUT,.. in a normal rainfall year i think this would have been awesome. Here's the close up..

The other impressive thing is the amount of browse on both the buckwheat and the reseeded clover. It has been suburb for me in this plot. You can see how the buckwheat is hammered...the clover is the same way.

SO,.. what i'm getting at with all this is a person would have 2 different choices with this mix. He could simply mow the plot in july and overseed in buckwheat. Then , break ground in september and reseed the clovers.
OR,.. a person could break ground the first or middle of june,.and this will reseed the clover for a summer plot. Mix in the buckwheat at this time. Then, in september, totally replant the plot over in the mix. When you break ground,.. some of the buckwheat should reseed also to supply a fast early fall forage and nurse in the mix.

Like i stated,.. i am VERY impressed with this. This mix would be awesome for folks with as little as 1/2 acre all the way up to 3 acres or more. The amount of forage produced in unbelievable and the ease of planting makes it that much better. AND,.. now knowing i can successfully get a full year of forage from the plot(except during the germination),.. it will be the only mix i ever use in my plots.
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