Hey folks. I've got a question. I just picked up a Ruger 77MkII Varmint in 25/05 and have never touched that caliber before. If I remember right Tim has reloaded for this caliber and maybe others. I primarily want to just load for target accuracy with a possibility of deer sometime, who knows. I've picked up a box of Sierra 120 HPBT bullets for starters and have RL22, IMR4831, and IMR4350 powders that I've seen used in this caliber. Anybody have any suggestions as to max loads, seating depths, etc. as I'm starting from scratch.

I prepared some old once fired brass that I had and also tried sizing down some 270 brass to see if there would be any difference in neck size in prepared cases from sizing down. I seem to have gained .002 on the neck dimensions by doing this. I'll have to be careful and not exceed my neck's safe dimensions but want to try some brass closer in dimensions to the chamber. We'll see what develops. I may order some cerrosafe and check my neck dimension before trying anything further. Accuracy in different cases should be interesting I've got Winchester 25/06, Remington 25/06, Federal 270's necked down, and Remington 270's necked down. I tried necking down some 30/06 brass but it was a little more finicky trying to size down in one step and the finished dimensions of the brass necks was the same as that for 270 brass in the end. The 270's require a little extra case trimming when forming but I can live with that. Just an interesting side note.
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