I saw a few of ya'll drew tags just wondering when your going and where . I'll be there on the 13th of October for the 15th opener hunting mule deer in region M and antelope in unit 21 . This is my second trip to WY but first in these units . I can't wait to get there , I need a break from these flatlands .
Sometimes I wish I lived there it's just where I was meant to be . You've never seen beautiful till you go out west .
For those that think you couldn't afford it . We split gas groceries and hotel 3 ways last time + the tags and processing was under $1500 . That was mule deer & antelope buck and an antelope doe each . We could have processed ourselves but didn't have time or room . We just picked it up vacuum packed frozen ready to go the morning we left .
Good luck and may see some of you there , Chip