Cold pack canned (I have no preference, wife says it's easier)
Canned stock
Frozen stock
Brine/smoke/pull shoulders
Save 5 necks. Rest will be roasted and pulled for carnitas/tamales

Whole meat smoked jerky
Ground meat jerky (for the toothless consumers \:D )
Whole backstraps
Whole tenderloins
A FEW packages of tenderized cube (backstrap and ham)
Corned venison
Smoke pastrami
MAYBE summer sausage, but not on the top of the list
Dried/peppered tenderloin and backstrap
Whole roasts

Smoked sausages:
Bohemian Garlic
Extra spicy
Roasted hatch green chili
Andouille (probably my favorite)

Breakfast sausage

Any other suggestions? I'm always looking to try something new and pick up some good recipes.
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