Recently acquired a new farm, and have been working on getting in some fall plots for the first year. I was looking at an aerial photo last night and realized there is no Ag. food source anywhere in sight, which made me wonder if I had enough food. I'm looking to hunt over one of these plots, but the main purpose will be the benefit/ feed the deer thought the year. The farm is approx. 78 acres all together, and is surrounded on all 4 sides by cattle/ hay farms. Our farm in particular is very hilly. The red areas are plots I have established so far. I plan on rotating the two larger ones into spring plots this spring. The green area is a cleared hillside that was two steep to work the ground, so we will be slowly establishing a orchard. There are already several native persimmon and crab apple trees here. Of course the blue is a small spring fed pond. I'm guessing that approx.. 5-7% of my land is in food plots now. IS this enough without Ag. crops to supplement? We do have a good bit of native forage. We are covered up with blackberries and the like, and are going to have a good stand of mixed hardwoods.

Hope the pictures load right.

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