It is rated at 320 fps. I went to Custom Gear and Archery in Michie TN and bought it from Mike, brand new. I shot 8 arrows out of it at one spot...pulling each arrow out as I shot so as not to ruin an arrow (8 bucks a pop). At 25 yards, I could have covered the 8 holes with a silver dollar. No joshin! This bow is very accurate with field points. I bought 8 G5 Crossbow Expandables to use this year. I am anxious to see how they perform on deer. They were recommended.
If I incur any problems with my new Blackhawk, I will post it on this thread for the benefit of anyone who is on the fence about buying one. But so far, this X-bow is awesome. I like the fact that the spring is barely clearing the rail. I may try to smooth the pawl (the hook that holds the string in the cocked position, for those that don't know what a pawl is). I have a few ground blinds ready for my fanny. I will be using Permethrin-treated clothes this year to keep seed ticks off. That stuff worked great last year. I could sit on the ground in the woods last year, on a fairly warm day, and no chigger bites or tick bites on my hind-end. Happy Hunting!!! kevin