I researched loads for my conversion (H&R Ultra Hunter) even before it was complete. The only powder I had was RL7 that I use in the 50. I tried 200 SST in harvester lt blue sabot knurled and the tan MMP sabot un-knurled. I also tried 250gr xtp sabotless but at the time I didn't have wads for them (they shot pretty well). RL7 57 grains up to 65. My groups just didn't impress me thus far. I noticed that there is little load info on RL7, as if it isn't a preferred powder.

Since my range session, I floated the barrel and lowered trigger pull to 2.75 pounds. These changes could make a marked improvement, although it shot very well as a 45-70 cartridge gun previous to the conversion.

Luckily, I have managed to obtain some 4198 and it appears that there is a lot of load info for it. Pressure traces and all that stuff are important but I am also interested in accuracy.

Could some of you converts please post some 4198 loads that work well for you sabotless as well as saboted. Keep in mind that I am aware of fit and loading pressure. Being as I only have 1 pound of powder, I would like to make the best of it and have some left to hunt with this rifle a couple of times this year. Otherwise, it may not be utilized until next year. I have 2 Savage 50's that are ready to roar.

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