Ok so I made a ground blind out of PVC and some 3d blind camo material and burlap camo material. I found the idea off of another forum but they made it out of 1/2 rigid and 3/4 rigid conduit.

I modified the design a little and made the entire thing out of 3/4 PVC. I used the cheap PVC, but it is only .11 cheaper per 10 ft stick. You will need 6 10 foot sticks of 3/4 PVC. 22 3/4 PVC T's and 4 PVC 90s. You can cut alter the piece lengths like you want. If you would like to know all the sizes I can go back and send them to you.

Once I got it all put together I got some paint and painted it all black. I went over it and got the spots that were showing through. I then left it outside for the night and you could barely smell the paint. With a little better light I painted the other couple of spots that I had missed in the dark. Then I left it out for about 10 more hours while I went to the lease and checked my trail cam and walked through some other areas.

At first I put the camo burlap on it and I didn't really like it because you could see right through it. I went back to the store and bought some of the 3d blind material which is a bit thicker. I left the burlap up and put the 3d blind material on top of it. I cut some windows out of the 3d material in 2 strips so that you can fold them over the blind. I cut windows in the burlap and have some s hooks that hold them up so I can silently take them down. I will be able to see out of the burlap and when the time comes I will be able to pull the window down and do what I got to.

The thing I like about this design is that I am able to fold it up and carry it wherever I want to. I plan on getting 4 pieces of round stock or something from work and putting them in the ground to hold them together.

This is my first build and I am satisfied with it but I plan on making another and doing some other things with it. This build all together cost me about 60 bucks with the main cost being the burlap and the blind material. I have a PVC ratchet cutter and it DEFINITELY helps out. I had thought about using PVC primer and cement but after the first few joints I realized that the smell would last a longer because it was really strong. I've done PVC a lot at work but I never really paid attention to how long the smell lingers. I may take it apart after the season and cement more of the joints but I'm not sure. I will see how it goes. I hope that I can kill something out of this one. What do you guys think?