Thought I would share an experience
I wanted to plant mast orchards for my Hickman county property. Being impatient, I decided to buy established 6'-8' trees in 7 gallon containers. I was suprised how affordable trees are in Mcminnville, TN. I chose the to plant qty. 3 of the following trees in each of the three orchards. Chinese Chestnut, Fuyu Persimmons, Arkansas Black Apples, Kieffer Pears.
Each tree was surrounded by 5' tall 5' perimeter Concrete wire with two 6' pieces of rebar. We also installed a piece of 6'x6'of carpet around the tree to act as both weed barrier and water retention. I also put 18" of Screen around the base of each tree to protect from Vols/ rabbits.

Breakdown of the material costs
36 trees $432
Concrete wire and Rebar $687
Screen/Lime $40
labor $432
4 college students 12 hrs each at $9 wanting spring break funds.

All trees have survived thus far minus one of the apple trees. Did not have to supplementally water as we had an terrific rain fall this year. Actually have several persimmons already. I didn't have the heart to pull them to allow all the energy of the tree to root production.
I appreciate the posters on this site and QDMA where I researched quite a bit before this undertaking. If anyone has questions I will try to help.