Well, figured it would happen sooner or later. camera gone. Bastards bent the posts around the gates and went in on 4 wheeler. They left my stand but took the camera. Figure they will be back for the stand. Screw it. not gonna buy anymore cameras and if they take the stand just gonna start using a climber. A shame a hard working man cant have anything these days.

I think ill take a cheap camera and put it up in a tree on daytime mode only to see if i can catch them coming back in. Even if i do im sure the law wont do anything though. I dont get it.

Most hunters i know have more stands than they use and enough cameras. i dont know why they steal this stuff. i gues for some pocket change. if i need a stand i go buy one. not worth the risk and time to go steal a 100$ stand or 75$ camera. I hope i catch them