Once again this is a very belated post because I wanted to get THE VIDEO done. Last Sunday I fished with Ty Konkle for the first time. We knew each other via the Internet, but had never fished together.

The last couple of trips out before that me and clients have had a few big fish bite, but except for a one flathead, we've had a tough time getting them in the boat. True to form, I broke off a BIG fish Sunday ... we think he found a rock and managed to snap 50 lb. braid.

HOWEVER, besides several eaters including one real fattie that weighed 15 lbs., me and Ty put three trophy blues in the boat... including my own "Personal Best!" Woohoo! I've had clients catch bigger catfish, but Sunday's 65 lber. was the biggest I've ever gotten to fight to the finish all by myself.

Of course most folks know I don't carry a big net. I cannot tell a lie... I was wishing I had one Sunday. So was Ty.

But we managed to fight and land all three huge blues by hand... that was definitely a new experience for Ty. And while he is the King of finding big flatheads, I think he was tickled to find some big blues in new water.

Ty started us off with the fat 15 and after a couple of eaters, Ty tagged a beast. While it's rigged with 50 lb. braid and some powerful terminal tackle, I still use lighter than normal spinning tackle. I think Ty had some big fun fighting the trophy blue on the lighter tackle. That fish pulled the scales to 42. After a few more eaters I scored the biggie that broke me off.

Then at sunset we set up on a night spot. After about 20 mins. one of Ty's rods is screaming drag... over, and over, and over again. MEAN fish that weighed in at 47 lbs.

While we were measuring and admiring it, one of my rods went down. Initially I guessed 20 lbs. .... HA! ... the closer to the boat that fish got, the bigger he got. Ty is nursing a bad shoulder, injured by a big flathead recently so in the end I handed off the rod to grab and hoist the brute aboard. It took me a couple of tries to get him over the side of the boat.

Looking at the big boys laying side-by-side was quite a treat! After watching his exploits online, and in my boat, I have decided that Ty Konkle is a "Big Fish Magnet" ... which means life is good and gettin' better everyday.

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